Saturday, December 29, 2007


Our youth mass at OLOC has a great energy and vibrance around it. All ministries are carried out by the youth. For example musicians, special ministers, offetory, collections, environment, welcome, readers and even the coffee makers and servers after mass! There are many more ministries and we are always looking for volunteers to participate actively during the mass.

The homily is always geared towards young people however it's not exclusive, anyone and everyone is welcome to this mass...but there is an extra special welcome for the youth.

The music played is known as 'Contemporary Christian Music' this is more in line with what people listen to today in terms of the style of music. In our band at the moment we have: guitar and bass player, keyboardist and drummer, a flutist, viola player and clarinet player as well as a few singers. Check out the link OLOC Music this will take you to Keith's MySpace (Music Minister for OLOC) and let you listen to some of his own Christian tracks. We also have a link to The David Crowder Band Website which is a great Christian band.

Even though this is a vibrant, and high energy mass it is still extremely reverant and prayerful and this is one of the most beautiful things to see at this mass, so come along and see what it's like.

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