Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The Liturgy Group meets every Wednesday in OLOC from 7.30pm-8.15pm.

Everyone is welcome to this and there is no pressure to be there every week if your busy life doesn't allow you to do so. The reason for the liturgy group is to plan the liturgy for the following Sunday mass at OLOC. We read, reflect and discuss the Sunday Gospel and try to find what we think young people hear/need to hear from it and try and find a way to get young people to listen to what Jesus is trying to tell us. We are trying to keep it vibrant, fresh and alive so that young people are able to relate it to their own life's.

We use the Lectio Divina Style at the liturgy group which means we read through the gospel very slowly three times and have a reflection time between each reading of it and then we discuss what we think the gospel is about and what it's saying to young people. This is a very prayerful and reflective way to read the Gospel and we find it to be very fruitful.

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